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The Who's Who of Spielburg!

Listed in Alphabetical order, these are the people (and other beings) you'll meet!

Abdulla Doo

Traveling merchant stuck in the Valley after the Brigands robbed him of all his possessions.

Amelia Appleberry

Kind and motherly healer that lives just outside town. Treat her like you would your own mother, or you'll regret it.

Baba Yaga

Old, ugly and the main cause that you, the aspiring Hero, are needed.

The Barber

Poor chap's been "Out to Lunch..." for far too long. He's got the empty bottles to prove it. *hic*

Baronet Barnard von Spielburg

Pompous, arrogant, stuck up snob... who just so happens to be the heir to the barony. Poor valley...

The Barracks Guard

Ignore him like he does you, and you'll get along.

The Bartender

Gruff and to the point. The only thing soft about him is his tattoo... which reads "Mama".


Such a great guy... for a talking skull, that is...


A Frost Giant from the north. All he asks of you is for you to satisfy his hunger.


You'll get along fine with him as long as you avoid him.

Butch Beefmeister

The Butcher... he's 'Gone Fishing...'

The Chief

Head Thief at the local Thieves Guild.


Big, bad and ugly... even for Goon standards.


He has the fortune of being with Zara twenty-four/seven as her Familiar.

The Dryad

Protector of all the wilderness in the valley.

Princess Elsa von Spielburg

The beautiful daughter of the Baron.

'Enry the 'Ermit

Henry's a Hermit, a human (at least, we think so) that lives in his cave overlooking the Flying Falls.


Decked out in Purple PJ's, Magister Erasmus of Zauberberg is the leading Wizard authority in the Valley. (Fenrus may beg to differ though)


Erasmus' Familiar (or was that... the other way around?) who, for a talking rat, is a rather nice guy. (And for a rather nice guy, he's really a rat) *groans*

The Fairies

They dance to make the forest happy!

The Fox

You meet him briefly long the side of the road, his foot caught in a trap. Just remember, no job is too small for a Hero!


One of the guards outside the Castle.

The Gargoyle

Ye who wishes to pass under thee, first must answer his questions three.

The Green Meep

Meeps are happy people! Living in their happy holes! He's a special Meep too, because, like, he's got green fur.

Heinrich Pferdefedern

Heinrich is the Centaur farmer, who's small plot of land is just north of town.

Hilde Pferdefedern

Hilde, the pretty young Centaur girl who sales her father's fruits in town.


He may be a guard on patrol above the portcullis, but he knows his stuff.


Owner of the Dry Goods store, he one day dreams of being a Hero himself. The closest he gets is by reading. His current book is "Quest for Glory: A Hero's Death".

The Kobold

Lover of Mushrooms, Magic and has a liking for bears. How odd...

Little Old Lady

The's the only sane person in town. At least she's not off her rocker.

Otto von Goon

A relatively trained Goon, Otto captures the prisoners for the Sheriff.


Another guard near the Castle door. He's proud of his moustache. (But don't mention his bald spot!)


Annoying, twittering Pterosaur, she makes her home in the tree outside the healer's hut.


Pteresa's mate, he spends his days inside with Amelia.


A homeless beggar residing in the town's only alley, he'll give you some info if you give him an alm.

Sheriff Schultz Meistersson

Once a great adventurer himself, Schultz has retired and took up post of the Sheriff of the town.


The Katta owner of the Hero's Tale Inn, Shameen is stuck in Spielburg with his mate and Abdulla.


An attractive female Katta, Shema is Shameen's lifemate, and cooks the meals at the Inn.

Silas Sourdough

The Baker. He's "Gone Fishing..." with the Butcher.


Gee, you meet him down a dark alley. What else is there to explain about him? *winks*

The Stablehand

He runs the stables, obviously. He'll pay you five silver for doing his job for him.

Baron Stefan von Spielburg

The ruler of the Valley, his life went downhill once Baba Yaga showed up.


A Minotaur working for the Brigands. Always stuck on guard duty.

The Weapons Master

'Lovingly' referred to as "Swordy Lordy", the Weapon's Master rivals Barnard in arrogance.

Woflgang Abenteuer

Once a great adventurer, he and Schultz fought many battles together. Now he just sleeps his days away.


The Gnome and Court Jester of the Baron, he vowed his life to find Elsa. He disappeared himself. "Alas, poor Yorrick. I knew me well!"

Zara Shashina

Beautiful, enigmatic and to the point, Zara is an ambassador of the Faery Folk, and also heads the Magic Shop.