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Species of the Savannah

Here you'll find pictures of the baddies you'll face during your visit in East Fricanna.

I'll give you the beasties from the official F.A.C.S. survival ratings, from most likely to get away in one piece, to most likely to be eaten in one piece.





Demon Worms


Flying Cobra

Giant Ants


Giant Ants:
Rate of survival: A

Saurus (EGA)FACS: These insects are no picnic. Giant ants have unbelievable appetites and have been known to strip an elephant carcass in 2.3 seconds. They are persist-ant and resist-ant to giving up their chosen prey, be it eland or Explorer. In addition to their vise-like jaws and acid-ejecting abdomens, giant ants are deadly since they seldom stalk solo.

Orion: (Coming soon.)

Rate of survival: B

Saurus (EGA)FACS: While it is not clear if these are apes ascending to men or men descending to apes, Apemen combine the brute strength and toughness of the anthropoid with the stupidity and cantankerousness of the humanoid.

Orion: (Coming soon.)


Rate of survival: B

Saurus (EGA)FACS: These humanoid reptilemen are intelligent, tough and toothsome. They refuse to talk truce, (since they can't speak), and seldom spare the spear or sheath their teeth.

Orion: (Coming soon.)


Rate of survival: C

Saurus (EGA)FACS: Big, ugly, mean, too stubborn to quit, too stupid to die, the "Hatari Kubwa" (big danger) is definitely something to put on the feet-don't-fail-me-now list.

Orion: (Coming soon.)


Flying Cobra:
Rate of survival: C

Saurus (EGA)FACS: Venomous vipers with wicked wings (a particularly nasty combination), Flying Cobras have the added evolutionary advantage of spitting venom as well as biting. Thus, when journeying through jungles, Poison Cure pills are recommended

Orion: (Coming soon.)

Rate of survival: C

Saurus (EGA)FACS: These are members of jungle tribes having the magical ability to take on certain aspects of an animal and transform into a combination of human and animal. The type of animal depends upon the totem of a particular village. Some tribes, like those that assume the aspects of the Bushbaby, are pleasant to encounter. Others, like those that assume aspects of the Python, Warthog, or Leopard, are best avoided. All know magic and use spells to defend their territory from all outsiders. Shapechanger villages are extremely hard to discover since they are generally magically concealed.

Orion: (Coming soon.)

Demon Worms:
Rate of survival: D

Saurus (EGA)FACS:Legends are told from the Mijikenda on down of the big monster they call "Utakufa" (You will die). Since no one who has ever actually seen this thing has ever lived to tell about it, rumors are sketchy. It is supposed to burrow underground after it's prey and spring up out of the earth at the last moment. Most famous Explorers discard such naive native narratives as pure poppycock

Orion: (Coming soon.)

Rate of survival: E

Saurus (EGA)FACS: Demons are not native to this region. In fact, they are not native to this world. They enter our world through magical gates to spread chaos and desolation upon everything. The gates are opened by means of negative energy released through death or destruction. Such gates are usually temporary unless sustained by a "Gate Orb" -- a magical device that draws magic and negative energy from the air in order to maintain a gate.

Demons are resistant to fire and damage from non-magical weapons. They may be highly intelligent and magic-using (Demon Wizards), or just stupid and tough (Dumb Demons), but all Demons are dangerous.

Orion: (Coming soon.)