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The sequel to the original "Hero's Quest" was dubbed "Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire" - and brought our newly dubbed Hero to the land of Shapeir - The homeland of his friends Abdulla, Shameen, and Shema.

Flying away at the end of So You Want to be a Hero, on the Abdulla's recently reobtained magic carpet, the Hero is brougth to a place that seemed so out of time compared to his homeland around Spielburg. This place was a vast desert, full of magic - be it the portal to W.I.T. (Wizard's Institute of Technocery!), or the local Wizards, Aziza and Keapon Laffin, or the myriad of magical creatures wandering the dunes of the desert - the Hero is never left without something to do.

It is here where he meets his first Liontaur. Rasha Rakeesh Sah Tarna - a Paladin - an honor-bound Hero in his own right. The Hero and Rakeesh quickly become friends, which was fortunate for the land of Shapeir, because their friendship helped save the land.

For you see, there was yet another prophecy - this time about a Hero From The North. First it was "From The East" - the only way INTO the valley, and now from the North - which, let's face it, was the only way from Spielburg to Shapeir - The poor Hero again, had his much wanted Glory thrust upon him as he set out to defeat the Elementals that soon began threatening the city.

"One thousand years and a Year,
so shall Iblis be caught,
In the tombstones of the City,
where he and I once fought.
Until moonlight has been captured,
twixt the Scorpion and Drake,
Then comes a hero from the North,
and ancient powers wake.
Led and followed by a Dark one,
guide to deceit and despair,
Passing through the Trial by Fire,
Trials of Water, Earth, and Air;
Passing through the Door unopened,
barrier that yeilds to none,
By my name of Suleiman,
So shall this be done!
Come at last unto betrayal,
and to 'He who waits behind',
Seek ye then to capture Iblis,
'ere he rises unconfined.
Else shall come the night eternal,
Darkness overshadows Light,
Unless a hero seeks the darkness,
and restores the wrongs to right."


Meet the people and Katta of the land of Shapeir.

Hero Classes:

You became a Hero... But what type was it?


Denizens of the Dunes.

Points List:

Aspiring to become a Paladin? Or perhaps want to know just how to get that elusive Blackbird? Here's where to go!

Spell Book:

Higitus Figitus, Hocus Pocus.

Hints & Tips:

Not technically cheats, but if you're stuck, and don't want to follow a walkthrough, here's the place to go.


Lost and can't find your way? Pull over that 'ego' and look at your map, will ya?

Easter Eggs:

Pastel pretties hiding in the yard... No, not actual eggs! Here you will find references to pop-culture and other games *cough*plugs*cough*.

Cheats & Codes:

Can't get the job done yourself? I've heard that Sucking on Blue Frogs can help!