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Easter Eggs!

Pastel, Painted and Dyed, an Assortment of Jokes!

Here you'll find a list of in-jokes, cameos, plugs for other games. Maybe you'll learn something new, or even groan as you think 'why haven't I noticed that before?' As of now, I'm using the list from Quest for More Glory.

EGA (Parser) Easter Eggs

On the title Screen, there is a scorpion walking across. Click the mouse on it and a message will appear, saying "Congratulations! You have discovered the first bug in this game."


When You are in Erasmus' House on Zauberberg Mountain, look at all the junk in his room. You will see a sarcophagus with an inscription on it, reading "She of the golden hair". Upon closer inspection, you will notice a carving of Princess Rosella from King's Quest 4.


In the same room look at the plane. Written on the side of it is 'Lytton PD' (from Sierra's Police Quest Series)


In the same room still, if you look at the armor at the back of the room, near the stairs, it says that it belongs to Colonel Dijon (from Sierra's Colonel's Bequest)


When you visit the Mirror Lake, south of Spielburg's gates, you can occassionaly glimpse the submarine from Codename: Iceman.. yet ANOTHER plug for ANOTHER Sierra game!


The Antwerp's head that adorns the adventurer's guild wall was slain by the Two guys from Adromeda (Space Quest, anyone?)


Talk to the bear in the cave and you will get a message saying 'You know that bears can't talk!'. However, try talking to him again and the bear will tell you that he represents Ditto realties and that he has some lovely properties for sale. And he knows that they are all proven bargains because he has sold them so many times!..Stoopid bear


In the brigand fortress cafeteria there's a sign on the wall reading, "Brigands uber alles!". Spielburg is a german town after all!


Larry, Curly and Moe (AKA Three Stooges) make a cameo appearance as the 3 bumbling brigands in the Brigand Cafeteria!


Try typing some bad words into the game. You will get funny messages!


Attack the Antwerp with your sword and it will bounce high above your head and out of the area. However, when you leave the screen and enter a new one, a shadow will appear over you from above. Things aren't looking too good! If this Antwerp has it's way then he's gonna flatten you.. so, quickly pull out your dagger\sword and hold it above your head. the Antwerp will land on your blade and explode into lots of little baby Antwerps! Congratulations... you have just caused an Antwerp population explosion!