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Denizens of the Dunes of the Desert

Here you'll find pictures of the baddies you'll face during your trials in Shapeir!

I'll give you the beasties from the official F.A.C.S. survival ratings, from most likely to get away in one piece, to most likely to be eaten in one piece.








Rate of survival: A

Saurus (EGA)FACS: Desert brigands roam the desert in search of unwary travelers to waylay. They are tough fighters and experts at desert survival. Tribes of brigands occasionally band together to attack caravans.

Orion: The least of your worries of the dangers of the Desert, these desert dwellers are relatively simple to defeat for a seasoned adventurer.


Rate of survival: B to D

Saurus (EGA)FACS: Jackalmen are jackal-like humanoids that travel in packs. They are cunning and prefer to attack things previously wounded.

Orion:Easy to kill when alone, but this rarely happens. When they attack in groups, even the most skilled master of arms can become easily overwhelmed by the Jackalmen.


Rate of survival: C

Saurus (EGA)FACS: The giant black desert Scorpion is one of the deadliest creatures upon the sands. Its claws are capable of inflicting deep wounds. The tail has a stinger which contains a deadly poison. One sting brings death to the one stung. Anti-venom pills are available, but are of no avail against multiple stings. Unless a fighter has an extremely good defense against the tail, he or she should avoid this monster. Retreat from combat usually means a stab in the back.

Orion: Dodge the tail, the claws and you're set. Don't forget to grab the tail when you're done, the Apothecary can always use more.


Rate of survival: C

Saurus (EGA)FACS: Supernatural creatures of the undead which prey upon the living. The very touch of one's claws has a chilling effect upon the victim similar to frostbite. The more wounds the ghoul makes, the more the victim's movements are slowed, until he finally collapses. It is best to avoid damage from Ghouls entirely.

Orion: Their claws are the deadliest part of the fight. Slows you down, saps your strength and soon you're no longer an adventurer. Should you happen to encounter one, your best tactics are needed. Grab the claws when one is felled, and you'll a reward awaiting you at the Apothecary.


Rate of survival: D

Saurus (EGA)FACS: This is an extremely quick-footed creature well adapted for racing down and disemboweling prey with the deadly claws upon its hind feet. Like most species of sauruses, this one is not noted for its brains.

Orion: Just when you thought the Saurus Rex was bad, you get to the Shapeir and you encounter a desert-hardened monstrosity that looks like it's the 'roided out Saurus Rex's evil, meaner big brother. Reccommended for only the most skilled combatants.


Rate of survival: E

Saurus (EGA)FACS: The griffin is a highly intelligent creature which seldom attacks humans. However, this cross between an eagle and a lion is a ferocious fighter, and is extremely tough. It is difficult to kill, and will retreat from battle if seriously injured. Once its anger has been aroused, however, it will not forget an enemy. Griffins can be found nesting on the rocky ledges of the mountains surrounding the desert regions.

Orion: While there's generally no reason to fight a griffin, should you find yourself on the receiving end of one's attacks, be prepared to have it hunt you down. These creatures prefer to slowly whittle down their foes stamina and energy with quick attacks and flying off to attack again when least expected.