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Getting By in Spielburg

Points List

This is a list of what to do if you're lost. Not much here now, but as I think of stuff, I'll add it!


To get the answer to the question,
just highlight the box underneath it!


Q: I can't find the Healer's Ring anywhere!
A: Hmm, isn't that a slight twinkle in the nest just outside her house?

Q: HELP! I'm trapped outside the city at night! They locked the gate on me and now I can't get in!
A: Hmm, there are plenty of safe places outside of town to sleep. Have you tried under the two magical trees of the forest at all? If you don't feel like braving the forest, you could always try climbing over the wall! No guarantee that the Inn will still be open though...

Q: What exactly is a 'blue bouncer'?
A: Something big (about the size of you) and blue, and bounces (Quite annoyingly so, at that), and resides in the south-west corner of the forest.

Q: Gah, I keep getting attacked by a Troll when I enter the cave!
A: Have you tried saying the 'magic phrase'? I hear he lies to play Hide-and-Go-Seek.

Yes yes... I know, not much, but I really can't think of much to put here as of now. (Since I've played through the games so much, I've forgotten what mostly can confuse those new to the game) You could always send me an e-mail (found at the bottom of the page) with any suggestions.



Cheating Not For You?

Then how about these helpful Tips?

Now, these technically aren't cheat's, but they'll sure be helpful.

#1) The game's less than linear gameplay means you can spend as much time as you like leveling up your skills. Throwing rocks around to skill up your throwing is rather easy. Just hold down enter (with the rock Icon, or with "throw rock" typed up)

#2) The goblins never learn. You can spend days fighting them, earning cash and skilling up your fighting. (Easily earning more than enough to cover your potion costs, and still make a profit).

#3) The safest places to sleep to ensure survival are as follows: The Dryad's, Erana's Peace, 'Enry the 'Ermit's cave, the Hero's Tale Inn and the Stables. Anywhere else is certain death. (But don't worry, you'll sleep through the whole thing.)

#4) More to come later! Any suggestions can be mailed to josh @ legendsofglory . com (no spaces, of course!)