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VGA Remake box cover graphicIn 1989, the husband and wife team of Corey and Lori Ann Cole made a breakthrough in the gaming industry by creating the very successful blend of the Adventure and RPG genre's with their game "Hero's Quest : So You Want to be a Hero?"

Hero's Quest was loosely based on the Dungeons and Dragons concept of fighting and side-quests to raise skills to be able to fight bigger, badder enemies. (Lori and Corey met at a Dungeons and Dragons convention, if my memory serves me right)

EGA Original box cover graphicOf course, by now you're probably wondering 'Hero's Quest?!?! What the... I thought the name of the series is Quest for Glory!?!' Truth be told, you're correct. Milton Bradley had a board game out called 'Hero Quest' - and Sierra changed the name of the game to "Quest for Glory : So You Want to be a Hero?" either because MB took action, or to avoid confusion (or possibly both... I'm personally not sure of this.)

Anyways, the name was changed, confused all the fans, but marked a new landmark in gaming history - Quest for Glory! Even the name sounds cool... I mean - don't we ALL want to have Glory? And to Quest for it is even better... Because Questing means adventure... and excitement... and really wild things!

So, to find out more on So You Want to be a Hero?, venture to one of the links below!


Meet the citizens of the Barony of Spielburg! From the Baron himself, to the lowly beggar, your guide to those you meet is here!

Hero Classes:

Yeah... so you want to be a Hero... But what type do you want to be?


Beasties and Baddies of the Barony.

Points List:

What should a Warrior do to get points that a Thief won't get for doing the exact same thing? Find out here!

Spell Book:

Higitus Figitus, Hocus Pocus.

Hints & Tips:

Not truly cheats - but if you're stuck and don't want to follow a walkthrough, this is the place to go.


Lost and can't find your way? Pull over that 'ego' and look at your map, will ya?

Easter Eggs:

Pastel pretties hiding in the yard... No, not actual eggs! Here you will find references to pop-culture and other games *cough*plugs*cough*.

Cheats & Codes:

Can't get the job done yourself? Those of you with the EGA version of the game can kick back with a Razzle Dazzle Root Beer and get ahead in life without all the work!